I do not think that it is necessary to get into authority in  order  to develop the  nation, but  it  can be better done by  putting  our visions and  suggestions on the table  for our leaders  to  take  into consideration.
Er. Dipendra Kandel 

News & Press Releases

Er. Kandel Thanks K.P. Oli Government for Work at Pokhara International Airport (PIA) - 13 NOV 2019

Er. Kandel Impressed by Work Done for Nepal’s New International Airport


After a personal visit to the site where Pokhara International Airport (PIA) is being made, Er. Dipendra Kandel would like to thank H.E K.P. Oli and his Government for the excellent work they have done so far to build the airport. Er. Kandel would also like to thank Civil Aviation and Tourism Minister, H.E Yogesh Bhattarai for his work as well.

In his first tour, Er. Kandel saw the airport during the construction of its runway and all infrastructure was 43% completed. However, during his second tour of the site, an impressed Er. Kandel was fortunate enough to learn more about the airport and the ideas those working on the site have for Nepal’s next international airport.

So far, 50% of PIA has been constructed with the Terminal Building, Radar Tower, Access Road and other important infrastructures being completed at this moment of time as the teams from both China and India work hard to complete the project. Furthermore, Er. Kandel was informed that PIA and its infrastructures would be completed by December 2020 and the airport would be made operational by July 2021.

The progress of PIA shows the power and serious nature of the K.P. Oli Government as its intentions to develop Nepal in all forms seem to be coming to fruition. This is something Er. Kandle appreciates.

Finally, The Office of Dipendra Kandel would like to extend its thanks to Er. Minraj Ojha for the private tour of the PIA site and wishes the head of the Aerodrome Department, Er. Pradip Adhikari, and the the the Binesh Munakami and his team all the best for their important work in the coming months.


Er. Kandel Calls on Swift Action from United Nations to Resolve Rising Tensions - 07 NOV 2019

Er. Kandel, disappointed by Modi Government actions, calls on UN 


In a press conference on November 7, 2019, Er. Kandel read out a personal statement, calling for the United Nations to take swift action and resolve the rising tensions between Nepal and India. 

The tensions between the two states have been caused due to India creating a new map which included Lipulek and Kalapani, two territories which both countries lay claim to, as part of India. This new map was released on Sunday by the Indian Home Ministry. 

Er. Kandel, who was disappointed by India’s actions said in his personal statement, “to use cartography as a form of geopolitics in such a blatant way is disheartening as Nepal looks to India as a partner and ally… Now, I ask for swift action from the United Nations to act as a mediator and solve this dispute”.

The Office of Dipendra Kandel questions the actions taken by the Indian Government as The Office believes such territorial disputes must be solved bilaterally in a diplomatic fashion. As such, Er Kandel, who has emailed the United Nations office residing in Nepal to discuss the urgent matter further, has called for the NGO to act quickly and to diminish the tensions between the two states. 


Er. Kandel Appreciates Immediate Response from Yogesh Bhattarai's Ministry - 06 NOV 2019
Yogesh Bhattarai Plans to Reopen Duty-Free at TIA after Er. Kandel’s Concerns


Yogesh Bhattarai’s ministry has stated that they will proceed to reopen duty-free facilities at arrivals at Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA).

This statement was made after Er. Dipendra Kandel had a press conference on 4 November calling for the removal of the CEO of Nepal Airlines. This request was made due to Nepal Airlines falsifying information regarding having a duty-free at both arrivals and departures. It is the case that there is a duty-free at departures only.

Er. Kandel also asked for H.E the Civil Aviation and Tourism Minister, Yogesh Bhattarai, to formulate and implement plans to have duty-free facilities at TIA.

The Office of Dipendra Kandel is happy to hear that the Minister has now intensified plans for there to be duty-free facilities at arrivals. We thank the Minister for his quick response to Er. Kandel’s request as he hopes to see such facilities before the beginning of Nepal 2020, the countries attempt to promote international tourism.


Nepal Airlines Removes Fraudulent Information off Official Website After Er. Kandel Intervention - 05 NOV 2019
Duty-Free at Arrivals Content No Longer on Website After Er. Kandel Press Conference


After a press conference by Er. Dipendra Kandel on November 4, 2019 which called for the removal of fraudulent information from the Nepal Airlines website, The Office of Dipendra Kandel is happy to see that the international airline has acted appropriately as a result.

Having untruthfully said that Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) has duty-free facilities at both arrivals and departures, when it is the case that there are only duty-free facilities at departures only, Nepal Airlines has now removed the duty-free section from their website completely having recognised their error.

The Office of Dipendra Kandel thanks Nepal Airlines for their swift response. Now, Er. Kandel calls for the Minister for Civil Aviation and Tourism, Yogesh Bhattarai, to develop plans which will allow for duty-facilities to be built in the arrivals section of TIA in the near future. 


Er. Kandel Demands Removal of Nepal Airlines CEO - 04 NOV 2019
Er. Kandel Discovers Nepal Airlines has Falsified Duty-Free Information


Nepal Airlines has stated on his website that TIA has 'duty-free shopping facilities available upon arrival and departure'. However, Er. Dipendra Kandel has discovered that this not the case, and that TIA has duty free shopping facilities at departures only. 


In a year, in which the Nepali Government has tried to promote Nepal 2020, Nepal's attempt to encourage at least two-million tourists to come to the country in 2020, such fraudulent statements only create a bad image for Nepal. Moreover, such statements also negatively impact Nepal's aviation industry as well as its international reputation. This is as tourists, who might want to shop on arrival for important items, will have been misguided by the statement on Nepal Airlines' website. 


Er. Kandel, who recently held a press conference on the issue, is extremely disappointed by these misleading statements which only create more negative publicity for Nepal's civil aviation both domestically and internationally. Subsequently, one must question whether such false statements from Nepal Airlines, which mislead international tourists, is one of the airlines’ real methods to ‘promote’ Nepal's aviation industry.


Er. Kandel, who has been working against the corruption of Nepal Airlines and their purchasing of two wide-body aircraft from Airbus, now demands that the CEO of Nepal Airlines, Madan Kharel is removed from his post by Civil Aviation and Tourism Minister Yogesh Bhattarai. He also requests that Nepal Airlines removes this false statement from its website at once.


This is until TIA has built a duty-free shop in its arrivals. If these actions have not been conducted, Er. Kandel will take further action and take Nepal Airlines to the International Civil Aviation Organisation.


Duty-free facilities in both departures and arrivals are an essential part of any international airport which genuinely wants to be the best in the world. It is unacceptable that TIA does not have one, and it is even worse that Nepal Airlines feels the need to lie about having one. This is yet another disappointing moment in Nepal's civil aviation history. 


We are sure that the Civil Aviation and Tourism Minister will comment appropriately on the matter. 


Er. Dipendra Kandel Demands Apology from Australian Ambassador of Nepal - 21 OCT 2019

Er. Kandel Expects Apology after Nepalese Immigration Desk Vandalised by Australian Citizen (With Video)


​Last week, NRNA delegate and Australian citizen of Nepalese descent, Ramesh Thapa, vandalised an immigration desk at Tribhuvan​International Airport (TIA) because the immigration line was too long. Consequently, the delegate was fined 50,000 Nepalese Rupees.

​​As the Australian Embassy has not tackled this issue properly without taking responsibility for the incident, Er. Kandel has requested that the Australian Ambassador residing in Nepal apologises, both to the immigration officer involved in the incident and the people of Nepal.


​During the speech, Er. Kandel, displeased with the Australian citizen’s actions said: “It is ridiculous. The Australian Embassy, which is residing in my country Nepal, has not yet apologised for the disgraceful action of its citizen. Your citizens cannot treat our immigration officers like this, and your citizens, cannot treat my country like this… Ambassador of Australia residing in Nepal, the people of Nepal are waiting for your apology.” 

​Er. Kandel has requested that the Ambassador apologises by the end of next week (October 25, 2019) or he will take further action in the near future to escalate the issue. Such actions would include speaking to the appropriate Nepalese politicians, the United Nations office residing in Nepal and the International Civil Aviation Organisation about the incident to explore the potential disciplinary procedures Er, Kandel could take next. 

If you would like to see the video of the Er. Kandel’s press conference, please click here: 


Er Dipendra Kandel invited to Maldivian Presidential Inauguration - 01 NOV 2018

Er Dipendra Kandel invited to Maldivian Presidential Inauguration

Kathmandu: Public Sector Innovator Er. Kandel has been invited to attend the inauguration ceremony of H.E. Mr. Ibrahim Mohamed Solih as the President of the Republic Of Maldives, and H.E. Mr. Faisal Naseem as the Vice-President of the Republic Of The Maldives, on 11th November 2018, in Male, Maldives.

President Of Dipendra Kandel Initiative, President Of Delhi Study Group For Nepal and Expert In Civil Aviation Er. Kandel said that Maldives had extended its wish for me to attend the inauguration, during a regular press conference today at the office in Kathmandu.

Er. Kandel added that an official invitation has received yesterday which was sent by Mr. Hassan Latheef, Chairperson Of Presidential Inauguration Committee. The official invitation has received through the diplomatic channels, he added.

The Elections Commission of Maldives on 29 September 2018 officially declared opposition leaders H.E. Ibrahim Mohamed Solih and H.E. Mr. Faisal Naseem winners of the country’s national election as a next President and Vice President Of The Republic Of Maldives respectively.


Er. Dipendra Kandel Expresses concern on the Runway of Tribhuvan International Airport - 03 OCT 2018
Er. Dipendra Kandel Expresses concern on the Runway of Tribhuvan International Airport

The 62 years old Runway of Tribhuvan International Airport is a major point of a concern on the work of International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), pointed out Public Sector Innovator Er. Dipendra Kandel.

Tribhuvan International Airport t has a single 10,007 feet (3,050 m) concrete runway orientated 02/20. The airport has one 10,000ft-long and 150 ft. wide concrete runway. Originally a grass runway, it was re-laid in concrete in 1957 The runway was extended from 6,600ft to 10,000ft in 1975 with a lifespan of 14 years.

On Monday, speaking with media personnel about his work for the empowerment of Civil Aviation Of Nepal, Mr. Kandel expressed that the ICAO played an impractical role during the removal of Significant Safety Concern (SSC) tag imposed on Nepal's aviation industry since July 2013.

He said, “The mission led by ICAO operations expert had given Nepal a score of 66% for Effective Implementation (EI) of safety standards, which is above the benchmark of the global standard of 60%”. “Whereas the previous audit report of 2013 pointed that Nepal’s score was no higher than 55.01%”, he added.

According to sources, Significant Safety Concern (SSC) is referred under its jurisdiction with respect to the ability of the audited state to properly oversee its airlines (air operators); airports; aircraft; and/or air navigation services provider. Mr. Kandel questioned to ICAO, “How is it possible to get 66% on EI standards when the TIA Runway is 62 years old?”

He added, “There are too many parameters of ICAO, Primary Aviation Legislation and association civil aviation regulations, Civil Aviation Organizational Structure, Personnel Licensing Activities, Aircraft Operations, Airworthiness of civil aircraft, Aerodromes, Air Navigation Services, Accident and Serious Incident Investigations etc. for example, but SSC concerns more than just the airport, aircraft and navigation service provider. Thus, we have to seriously question the ICAO and its audit report and standards for giving 66% rating to the TIA while airport and navigation service provider is the main cause of the recent air mishaps which occurred just before TIA was even awarded this percentage."

Kandel questioned, “If ICAO claims that the Nepalese Airport is good and functional, as denoted from the 66% rating, even though it operates on a 62 years old runway, then we have to question further why it has standardized the life of an International Runway to be 15-20 years maximum?” He also added that it would have been possible for Turkish Airlines Flight TK 726 pilot to land through the dense fog, rather than skid off the runway as it did-ceasing flights to and from Nepal for multiple days if Runway Centerline Lighting System were available.

He stated, “ICAO manual has clearly shown that we are supposed to upgrade with the Centerline Lighting System and again we need to question, how did the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) get this rating from ICAO for an airport with an expired runway and no upgrades? We also need to address the fact that TIA received points for the Navigation Services Providers even though we have recently had some serious accidents here primarily due to the miscommunications with the control team at TIA such as US-Bangla and Altitude Helicopter which had (49+6) 55 casualties.”

At last, Kandel added, “CAAN in 2014 had concluded that the runway at TIA was not strong enough to handle wide-body jets due to its aging asphalt foundation, and distress it caused to the upper surface instantly when heavy planes land on it. Since then we not only have the same old and expired runway but also the wide-body planes are added up, not issuing NOTAM for closing the airport for more than 15 minutes, and covering the runway problem by giving the falsified weather information. Are these questions unanswerable to ICAO?” he asked the question to reporters in surprise.

- Asian Tribune –




The Office of Dipendra Kandel Public Sector Innovator Er. Dipendra Kandel has stated that the government will suffer a great loss if the Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) runway is not rebuilt and completed before the scheduled date i.e. 28 February 2019.

Speaking about the discussion with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAAN) Officer on yesterday. Mr. Kandel suggested the rehabilitation of the runway should occur as soon as possible which has been a challenge so far. He said, “Listening to their words, it seems they won’t reconsider starting the rebuild before the scheduled 28 February even after my repeated suggestion to not hold it for that long as it will incur a greater loss for the country.”

He said that he has been in constant contact and discussions with the concerned bodies about the issue but has yet to see any initiation from their part.

Mr. Kandel addressed “even after submitting my memorandum two weeks ago in hopes of prompt governmental response, there was another incident of Yeti airlines, that I believe is the result of the poor condition of the runway, any further wait will only increase the probability of more incidents and risk the safety of the passengers”. He added that while the minister was positive about his memorandum and the initiation of the runway reconstruction no progress has yet been made.

Being the only international airport in Nepal, the bad condition of the TIA runway has not only impacted the airport traffic but has also hampered country’s image in the international front. Mr. Kandel has appealed not only to the concerned bodies in Nepal, but also to the Regional Director (Asia) of International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), Mr. Arun Mishra. He added, “Mishra is also positive about my request but suggested the decision is in the hands of CAAN and encouraged further discussion with the authority.

In Kandel’s view, Prime Minister K.P Sharma Oli should take lead to instigate the rehabilitation of the runway before 28 February and make it a priority, which will abade the uncertainty currently present among the people. The CAAN also agrees that the runway is currently in a bad shape but has not commented on whether the added pressure will change its scheduled date of runway reconstruction.


Dipendra Kandel submits appeal letter demanding legal action against TIA radar operators(22 AUG 2018)

Dipendra Kandel submits appeal letter demanding legal action against TIA radar operators

22nd Aug, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Aug 22: Public Innovator E. Dipendra Kandel has submitted an appeal letter to the Minister of Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation, Rabindra Adhikari, demanding legal action against the radar operators at .

also demanded that the runway of the airport be upgraded to international standards. Minister Adhikari acknowledged that the demands were reasonable and informed that he has published calls for tender to improve the TIA runway.

He also said that he was informed of the recklessness of the radar operators leading to a recent accident, and thanked Kandel for bringing the government's attention on this matter.