Er. Dipendra Kandel Attends Dubai Airshow 2019 - 24 NOV 2019

24.11.19 04:47 PM By Info - (Empowering The Nation)

Er. Kandel Represents Nepal’s Civil Aviation Sector on International Stage at Airshow in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

KATHMANDU, NEPAL, 24 NOVEMBER 2019: Er. Kandel whilst in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, had the pleasure of attending the Dubai Airshow 2019. The Dubai Airshow is one of the largest and most successful aviation events in the world in which exhibitors and companies from around the world promote the civil aviation sector and their organisations in a variety of ways to attendees of the event.

Attending the event with his Second Secretary, Mehrdad Damavandi, Er. Kandel, who specialises in the civil aviation sector, was pleased to attend the Airshow in which he further developed his knowledge of the area. This is as he attempts to empower the Dipendra Kandel Initiative in one of its primary missions- to improve the aviation knowledge and practices of all states in South Asia and East Africa.

The Office of Dipendra Kandel would like to thank the Dubai Airshow 2019 for its hospitality and organising a professional event for all of its visitors.