Er. Dipendra Kandel Meets His Excellency Jhalnath Khanal

05.02.20 02:58 PM By Info - (Empowering The Nation)

Er. Kandel Meets Committee Chair of MCC Deal to Communicate Opinions on the Matter

KATHMANDU, NEPAL, 5 FEBRUARY 2020: In a meeting with former Prime Minister of Nepal, H.E Jhalnath Khanal, on 5 February 2020, Er. Kandel discussed his thoughts and views concerning the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) Compact Deal. H.E. Jhalnath Khanal, who is aligned to the Nepal Communist Party, is the Chair of the MCC Deal Committee which will discuss and provide recommendations concerning the MCC Agreement. 


The Deal has caused much controversy in Nepal and has even led to public protests. Indeed, Er. Kandel also highlighted his concerns about the Deal to journalists during a press 

conference at the Reporters Club on 28 January 2020 along with few online Medias interviews later.


During the discussion, Er. Kandel had the chance to outline his thoughts, explaining the seventeen-point major issues which he believes would hinder Nepal if the MCC Deal was signed at this moment of time and with the same agreed points. The agreement was signed by the previous government which is currently in the opposition. Such points, which take into consideration the fears of the public, have been taken on board by His Excellency and will be relayed to the rest of the committee.


It is welcoming that Er. Kandel and H.E. Jhalnath Khanal have had the chance to have this important conversation on this vital matter. The meeting was said to be amicable from start to finish and Er. Kandel has also invited H.E. Jhalnath Khanal and his team to his personal office to discuss such matters in further detail if needs be.


The Office of Dipendra Kandel would like to thank H.E. Jhalnath Khanal for taking the time to have this productive meeting. The Office also wishes both His Excellency and the MCC Deal Committee the best of luck as they discuss, in further detail, this important matter in Nepalese politics.