Er. Dipendra Kandel Rejects MCC Deal

30.01.20 12:47 PM By Info - (Empowering The Nation)

Er. Kandel Press Conference Lays Out Seventeen Points Against the MCC Deal

KATHMANDU, NEPAL, 29 JANUARY 2020: In a press conference at the Reporters Club on 28 January 2020, Er. Kandel spoke out against the Millennium Challenge Corporation’s (MCC) Compact Deal.

The Deal, controversial in Nepal, allows for investment from the United States of America via the Millennium Challenge Corporation. The US Government would provide USD 500 million grant to Nepal. This would be invested in electricity transmissions, Road Maintenance, Program Administration and Monitoring and Evaluation.

Nevertheless, this has led to public disputes in the country even resulting in public protests against the Deal, which was originally signed by the Nepalese Government in 2017. This is as there are particular fears that the Deal may not benefit Nepal fully.

As such, Er. Kandel spoke against the Deal in support of the public.  During his speech, Er. Kandel said, “I have a number of issues with the agreement and the nature of the programme the MCC has for Nepal which may hinder our country in the long-term despite the amount of money potentially being invested”.

Some of the points Er. Kandel raised against the Deal include that: it may be a waste of resources; it would create threats from abroad and it will only hinder Nepal and profit the United States of America.  

Er. Kandel, having given his analysis on the Deal and specifying the many defects of it, also addressed the Government of Nepal. He stated that he is hopeful that the Nepalese Government led by H.E. K.P. Sharma Oli will reject the Deal and visa entry for the MCC into Nepal due to the problems the Deal creates.

The Office of Dipendra Kandel thanks the Reporters Club for hosting the press conference and to the journalists who attended and accordingly, relayed the views of Er. Kandel both to the Nepalese Government and Nepalese public.