Er. Dipendra Kandel’s Praises Nepalese Security Forces for Work During Nepalese By-Elections 2019

01.12.19 02:12 PM By Info - (Empowering The Nation)

Er. Kandel Thanks Nepalese Security Forces as Safety Concerns Arise During The Dipendra Kandel Initiative’s Election Observation

1 DECEMBER 2019, KATHMANDU, NEPAL: Er. Dipendra Kandel has thanked the Nepalese Security Forces for their efforts and hard work to keep civilians safe amid safety concerns during the 2019 Nepalese by-elections. 

On 30 November 2019, The Dipendra Kandel Initiative led two election observation missions under the leadership of President cum Founder, Er. Kandel and Vice President, Shanta Sharma. Known as ‘DKIEOM’s 2019 Nepal by-election’, the missions were conducted in both Kaski, Constituency No. 2 and Bhaktapur, Constituency No.3. 

In Kaski, Constituency No. 2, Er. Kandel led his team. This consisted of a pre-polling day, polling day and counting day observation. In Bhaktapur, Constituency No.3, Shanta Sharma led her team in which polling day and counting day observations were performed. During these observations, the teams looked at the logistical and bureaucratic purposes conducted by Nepal, pre, post and during the election. Both groups visited all the polling booths in their respective constituencies. 

Indeed, both teams led well-conducted missions and the turnout was a promising 65%. However, this would not have been done without the bravery and professionalism of the Nepalese security forces. This is particularly in Kaski, where two bombs were detonated during the election, a third bomb was defused due to the hard work of the Nepalese security forces. 

Thankfully, there was no loss of human life or damaged infrastructures during the incidents and the security forces quickly created a blockade to ensure that all civilians and observers were safe. Apart from this incident, the election was conducted in a peaceful manner.

During an interview after the incident, Er. Kandel, who has observed multiple international elections and was in the vicinity of the first explosion said, “a bomb was found near the first polling station whilst the election was underway, the situation was normalized with the coordination of three security agencies from the Nepal Police, Armed Police Force, and Nepalese Army. After the incident, no voters were to return to the polling station... This is my first election observation mission in Nepal and I promise to continue observing the election in the coming days”. 

Er. Kandel, The Office of Dipendra Kandel and both Dipendra Kandel Initiative observation teams would like to thank the Nepalese security forces and the head’s of all three mentioned for their work. This is as without their efforts, the elections would have been spoiled by the unsavoury acts of others. 

On top of this, we would also like to thank both the voting public and all of the political parties who ran during the election. Their hospitality and cooperation during the election are highly appreciated, allowing for both of the Initiative’s teams to perform their observations without as much difficulty as there could have been, especially after the incident. Finally, The Office of Dipendra Kandel would like to thank the Electoral Commission of Nepal for enabling the Dipendra Kandel Initiative to conduct these missions. 

Now, the Dipendra Kandel Initiative will write and election observation report. The report will cover how bureaucratic, logistical and tabulation processes were conducted during the election in both constituencies. This will be submitted to both the Election Commission of Nepal and Nepal’s Prime Minister, H.E. K.P. Sharma Oli. 


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